Highlights in der Presse

» NASA Earth Observatory verwendet Bildmaterial, und nimmt Bezug auf SwissEduc/Glaciers online: Schwindende Gletscher bieten sich heute als eindrückliche Veranschaulichung von Auswirkungen des beschleunigten Klimawandels an. Bildvergleiche verschiedener Gletscher sind eine Spezialität von Glaciers online.

» Science über Glaciers Online It's one thing to read that piedmont glaciers form when ice spreads out after squeezing through a narrow valley. But the concept is more likely to stick in your mind if you see the result, as in (an) aerial photo of sprawling glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island in northern Canada. Glaciers online is a boon for visual learners. The pictorial introduction matches nuggets of glacier information with spectacular photos from all over the world.

» Science über Stromboli Online [PDF, Oktober 2005]: “spectacular photos and video record some of Stromboli's recent blasts. Visitors can also probe the physics of eruptions with a simulator that calculates the trajectories of Stromboli's ‘bombs,’ partly molten lava globs. Once you've scaled Stromboli, venture to other volcanoes around the world with the site's many multimedia tours.”