Exorciser: Automatic Generation and Interactive Grading of Structured Exercises in the Theory of Computation

Exercises in higher education typically follow a generate-solve-grade pattern that takes days before students receive feedback on their performance. The concept of an automatic tutor, using todayís information and communication technology, aims to replace the solve-grade phase by interaction between a student and an automated tutor. This is possible in certain mathematically structured domains of knowledge where solutions and the solution processes can be checked algorithmically. Exorciser is a collection of exercises in an introductory course on the Theory of Computation where students test their mastery of basic concepts while the systemís fine-grained feedback pinpoints the source of any misunderstanding.

Exorciser was finalist of the Medidaprix 2003.


Screen shot: Startscreen Screenshot: Minimal DFA exercise Screenshot: Markov Algorithms


Vincent Tscherter