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Downloads and Technical Information

» Download Kara for Java versions 5 and 6

For Java version 1.2:
allkara-en.jar [2004/03/26, 5'000 KB]
allkara-x-en.jar [without solutions, 2004/03/26, 5'000 KB]
Publications on Kara (some in German):
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  • To run the Kara environments, you need the Java J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition) version 1.2 or higher. There are two variants of the J2SE: The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is for executing Java programs; the SDK (Software Development Kit) includes a compiler to develop Java programs. The SDK includes also the JRE.

    Tu run Kara, MultiKara or TuringKara, you need the JRE; to run JavaKara, you need the SDK.

    Sun offers the JRE and the SDK for many plattforms:


    On most plattforms, you can start the Kara environments by double-clicking on allkara-en.jar after having installed the JRE or SDK.

    If this is not possible on your plattform, open a shell (Windows: MS-DOS Command Prompt) and change into the directory under which you stored allkara.jar. Then execute the command java -jar allkara-en.jar to start the Kara environments.

    Note on Mac OS

    On Mac OS X, Java SDK is pre-installed. Older versions of Mac do not support the Java version 1.2 or higher. Note that under OS X, there may be rendering problems.