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  Kara: Educational Programming Environments          In German

Kara is based on the concept of finite state machines. These machines can be explained in terms of everyday devices, yet they represent a powerful theoretical model of computation. Different environments (Kara, MultiKara, TuringKara, JavaKara) offer playful introductions to fundamental concepts of programming at different levels, from general education up to computer science education. Kara - programming with state machines TuringKara - two-dimensional Turing machines JavaKara - Introduction to Java MultiKara - concurrent programming LegoKara - Kara for Lego Mindstorms

Idea, concept & implementation: Jürg Nievergelt, Werner Hartmann, Raimond Reichert, Markus Brändle, Tobias Schlatter. With contributions by Philipp Boksberger, Horst Gierhardt, Reto Lamprecht, Remo Meier, Horst Müller, Nicole Völki, Samuel Zürcher.

Contact: Raimond Reichert