JavaKara: Introduction to Java

JavaKara - Programming in Java

JavaKara offers an easy-going introduction to programming in Java: The ladybug Kara is programmed in Java. The world is identical to the world of Kara. You see immediately what your programs do. For example, the following program makes the ladybug 'eat' all leaves up to the next tree:

while (!kara.treeFront()) {
  if (kara.onLeaf()) {

Program: allkara-en.jar [2004/03/26, 5'000 KB]
User's manual: javakara_manual-en.pdf

Information and further downloads

Who does JavaKara target?

JavaKara is for pupils and students who learn Java as their first programming language. JavaKara offers a smooth transition from Kara to 'real' Java.

Learning Objectives of JavaKara

JavaKara illustrates the basic concepts of imperative / procedural programming: simple methods calls, branches, loops, variables, basic types, arrays, implementation of methods with parameters and return values.