LegoKara: Kara for Lego-Mindstorms

Frequently asked questions

The list of problems and difficulties with respect to LegoKara is constantly being updated. If your problem is not mentioned in the list, we kindly ask you to send us a a message.
Question: When downloading, I receive the following or a similar error message:
" #Error: parse error File c:\programme\nqc\Code.nqc line ... "
Potential causes for this message?
Answer: In this case, an error in the programming logic has ocurred. Test your program in the visual LegoKara environment. If your program works under these circumstances, please send the file errorfile.txt which is located in the NQC directory to the webmaster of computer science at SwissEduc.
Question: When downloading, I receive the following error message:
"Downloading Program error Could not open serial port"
Possible reasons?
Answer: Please test the following points:
  • Are you using an IBM-compatible computer? LegoKara does not work on Mac`s!
  • Is the IR-interface provided by LEGO connected with the serial port?
  • Are you using the IR-interface provided by LEGO? If you are using some other IR-interface there may be problems!
  • Is the correct serial port indicated in LegoKara (see "Robo Configuration")?
  • Does that port work (e.g. with other devices such as modem: try it out)?
  • Have you installed NQC?
  • What version of nqc.exe is being used? Tests have been run for LegoKara with versions 2.0.2 und 2.1 r2 for Windows.
  • Has the Robotic Invention System by Lego been installed (required by nqc.exe)? This software comes with the Lego Mindstorms Set.
  • Is the path for nqc.exe, indicated in LegoKara, correct (see "Robo configuration")?
  • Is another program using the same serial port? If for example the RCX Command Center is running, the transmission to LegoKara does not work. LegoKara may be run only once - otherwise each running LegoKara wants to access the same port.
Question: When downloading, I get the following error message: 
"Downloading Program error. No reply from RCX"
Answer: Please test the following points:
  • Is the LegoKara robot turned on?
  • Is the LegoKara robot oriented towards the IR-interface?
  • Are the RCX and IR-interface batteries sufficiently charged? Attention: The charge indication is only with respect to the IR-interface and not with respect to the LegoKara robot itself.
  • Is there a loose contact at the serial port? This may be the case when downloading has started but not finished, i.e. when there has not been any peeping noise. Look at the RCX display!
  • Have the positions of the IR-interface switches already been adjusted?
If all this has not been of any use to you, shut your PC down and reboot it. If it still does not work, try to download the program Code.nqc from the NQC directory to your LegoKaraRobo using the " RCX Command Center".