Construction Manual for LegoKara

Step One - Chassis Construction

The first step is the construction of LegoKara's chassis. Subsequently, only the chassis' of the left side is shown. The right side is build  right-left reversed.

Necessary Material

  • 4 * B1x16
  • 16 * M8
  • 2 * M10
  • 2 * S0x6
  • 4 * S0x8
  • 2 * Z8
  • 6 * Z24

For the meaning of the abbreviations, please refer to the Material Index.

Construction Manual

First, the beam B1x16 is connected to the two rods S0x8. Pay attention to the beam's knobs always looking upwards. The two rods have been equipped first with two M8 each. The first rod is slid through the edge of the beam (on the right end), the second on the opposite end through the third hole. Then, rod S0x6 is connected to the cogwheel Z24 and slid through the third hole on the right.

The cogwheel Z24 is joined with component M10. This component is slid through the sixth hole on the right. Afterwards, M8 is fixated on the left, Z8 and Z24 on the right.


Next, the beam B1x16 is joined to the opposite side.


Now, M8 is put on the three rods.


Congratulations! You have mastered the first step brilliantely. To complete the chassis, you have to redo step one in its entirety, but right-left reversed. Then, your chassis should look like the one on the picture.