Construction Manual for LegoKara

Step Two - Constructions on Top of the Chassis.

In step two we will construct the chassis' superstructure. This structure will provide for the integration of the engines and the rotation system.

Necessary Material

  • 5 * B1x4
  • 1 * B1x6
  • 1 * B1x8
  • 4 * B1x10
  • 2 * M9
  • 10 * M12
  • 2 * Px2
  • 2 * S1x4
  • 1 * S0x8
  • 1 * S0x12

For the meaning of the abbreviations, please refer to the Material Index.

Construction Manual

First, two B1x4 are needed.

These two B1x4 are joined at the front (next to the cogwheels) to the chassis. Next, a B1x4 and a B1x8 are joined as shown in the picture. The component S0x12 is prepared.

The component S0x12 is then inserted into the seventh hole from the right.  The piece built in the previous section is put on LegoKara's left edge, on top of the cogwheels.

Next, the rotation system's foundations are built. We join the individual components as displayed in the picture.

Now that we have joined the individual components, two P2x2 and two S1x4 are put together, as shown in the image, on top of the given unit. The right P2x2 is suposed to be only half-way on the beam.

Fixate the unit with a S0x8 and two M9. Attention: between the two halves remains a gap of width 1!

Last, the entire unit is fixated on the chassis, such that a distance of four remains in order to attach the two engines in this place. At this point, step two has been completed successfully!