Construction Manual for LegoKara

Step Three - Integration of the Two Engines

In step three, the engines are going to be integrated. The engines will enable LegoKara to move around.

Necessary Material

  • 3 * B2x2
  • 2 * Long wire
  • 2 * M7 (Engine)
  • 2 * P2x2
  • 2 * P2x4
  • 1 * P2x8
  • 8 * S1x2
  • 2 * S1x4
  • 2 * Z16

For the meaning of the abbreviations, please refer to the Material Index.

Construction Manual

First, we prepare the engines for their integration with LegoKara. In order to increase stability, the two engines are joined through two S1x4 . Furthermore, two P2x4 are added and a cogwheel Z16 is mounted on both engines. To prepare for the next step, twice two S1x2 are joined together, on top of each other.

The picture shows the engines from underneath. 

The two units 2* S1x2 are put on top of the engine as shown in the picture. We prepare three S1x2 , one P2x2 and two long wires.

Now, the wires are connected to the engines. But first, a S1x2 has to be put on each of the engines. Then, the wires are plugged into the respective gaps. Pay attention to plug the wires exactly as shown in the picture. Add an additional S1x2 and P2x2 to the wires' docking place. For the next step, we prepare a P2x8, a P2x2 and a S1x2.

The S1x2 and the P2x2 are now plugged, as shown above, to the second engine.The slab P2x8 is fixated on top of the two engines and joins them together. Additionally, we join three rods B2x2 on one another.

The engine construction is positioned into the remaining gap, such that the wires are directed backwards. The tower of B2x2 - blocks is placed onto the external slab P2x2. Hence, the third construction step is finished successfully.