Construction Manual for LegoKara

Step Five - Ensure Stability

In this step the chassis is going to be completed and enforced.

Necessary Material

  • 2 * B1x2
  • 2 * B1x8
  • 2 * B1x10
  • 4 * B1x12
  • 2 * B1x16
  • 4 * B2x1
  • 1 * B2x8
  • 1 * Wire short
  • 4 * M2
  • 4 * M3
  • 1 * M5
  • 1 * M6
  • 2 * M8
  • 2 * M9
  • 4 * M10
  • 1 * M5
  • 1 * M6
  • 2 * M8
  • 2 * M9
  • 4 * M10
  • 4 * M11
  • 2 * M12
  • 2 * M14
  • 3 * P2x4 punched
  • 1 * P2x8 punched
  • 2 * S1x10
  • 2 * Z16

For the meaning of the abbreviations, please refer to the Material Index.

Construction Manual

First, a punched slab P2x4 is fixated to the light sensor's top side. Then, M6 is attached to it. An additional wire is stuck to the light sensor, too.

Now plug the light sensor to LegoKara as shown in the picture. In preparation for the next step, mount two B2x1 and a B1x2 on top of each other and repeat this.

Finally, as all the prepared elements have been mounted on LegoKara as shown in the picture, the preparations for the next step have to be done. Mount on the beam B1x10 a rod S1x10 and insert into the third hole a M11. The same construction has to be repeated with the M11 being inserted, left-right reversed.

The above prefabricated elements can be mounted on top of the LegoKara as shown in the picture. Pay attention that the element M11 is always directed outwards. As preparation, insert M3 into M10 and repeat this right-left reversed.

The beam B2x8 can now be mounted on top of the engine such as shown in the picture. The two beams B1x8 are fixated sideways through M11 and a rod. Furthermore, the two M3 have to be plugged to the LegoKara's front end. These struttings provide for a minimum of stability for LegoKara. To prepare the next step, slide a M10 through the end of each M3.

Next, the top is built. In order to do that, twice two B1x12, a B1x16, a M11, a M12 and a M14 are needed. M14 is basically the same as M12, except that it measures three instead of two units. The two structures are joined. Mind the two elements' (B1x16 and 2*B1x12) knobs beeing directed into the same direction. Having done that, build a right-left reversed version of this structure.
Two more struttings are added to LegoKara's backside. The construction completed above can be mounted on LegoKara. Then, the wheels are added.  For the two front wheels (next to the propulsion), cogwheels Z16 are used, for the backside, M8. Mind the wires of the two engines running as shown in the picture, i.e. within the structure built before.

At this point, step five has been completed successfully!