Construction Manual for LegoKara

Step Six - You made it!

When completing this step, you'll see LegoKara functioning for the first time - a great moment!

Necessary Material

  • 4 * B1x6
  • 2 * B1x8
  • 2 * B1x12
  • 2 * B2x1
  • 1 * Cable
  • 1 * M5
  • 1 * M9
  • 2 * M10
  • 8 * M11
  • 4 * M13
  • 1 * P2x6 punched
  • 6 * P2x8 punched
  • 2 * P2x8 green
  • 2 * P2x10
  • 1 * RCX
  • 1 * S0x
  • 8 * S1x2
  • 4 * S1x4
  • 3 * S1x8
  • 1 * Z24
  • 1 * Z40

For the meaning of the abbreviations, please refer to the Material Index.

Construction Manual

In this last step we start with a rather easy task. First thing, a cogwheel Z24 and a M9 are mounted an a rod S0x8.

Afterwards, this construct is integrated as shown in the picture into LegoKara. Mind the two cogwheels properly being interlocked.

In order to fixate the two cogwheels properly, support structures have to be created, as shown in the image. Pay attention to each side having two S1x4.

After having completed the support structures, they are integrated as shown into LegoKara.

Next, the ground light sensor's wire is led over the structure built above. The wire is plugged as shown on the picture

Now, LegoKara's "roof" is built.

This is what the "roof" looks like.

Last, the RCX is going to be disguised. Mind that the construction is attached through a M13 to the RCX. Additionally, the light sensor is integrated and the wires are plugged in. The light sensor's wires lead sideways to the RCX, the wire of the rotation mechanism is led via the backside. In order to do that only short wires are employed.

The engine wires for the movements are plugged into the slots A and C, so that the wires do not cross.

After having done this, the bottom has still to be built.

Now you may attach the bottom so that the punched slab comes to lie on the wires' edges.

On the protruding rod a M9 is fixated. And finally, the RCX is mounted into the LegoKara - and now everything is done!