Construction Manual for LegoKara

Material Description

On this page, all the material needed to build LegoKara is listed. Since there is no official Lego naming convention for the different elements, each element has been given an identifier. The rounded rods for instance have been named as follows: S0xn, where S stand for "Stab" (German for rod), 0 (zero) for the dimension (since the rod is round, it is identified as an object without any lateral dimension), x for the multiplication operator and n for the rod's length in knobs. The identification of the cogwheels differs slightly from these naming conventions. A cogwheel is identified with Zz where Z stands for "Zahnrad" (German for cogwheel) and z for the number of jags in the respective cogwheel.


This picture should help to gain an overview.


Two kinds of elements are considered rods: The round version, which will be described first, and the ones identified as S1xn.


The rods of the S0xn series are used mainly for the wheels, the RCX rotation mechanism and in order to increase stability.  The rod's length is easily measured using a beam.



There exist two fundamentally different forms of beams. The first kind is identified with B1xn, the second with B2xn.


The beams of kind B1xn are LegoKara's bearing elements. They form the framework, enable the chassis' construction and are responsible for LegoKara's stability. All beams of the B1xn series have got n-1 lateral holes.


The beams shown to the right are identified as B2xn. The smallest element is identified by B2x1 and the largest one with B2x8.


P2xn -/punched  -/Colour

There are two types of slabs: punched and normal ones. The normal slabs (without holes) are named P2xn. If the slab has holes, then the amendment "punched" is added, so that the identifier for a punched slab is as follows: P2xn punched. In case the slab's colour is not grey, it is also added.




The wheels are identified by Zz, where z stands for the number of jags that form part of the wheel. The smallest wheel has the identifier Z8, the largest one Z40.


The wires are of two different lengths. Mind always using the wire of the length indicated.



The following elements are identified as miscellaneous parts. Their naming convention is as follows: M stands for "miscellaneous" and i for the index number.