TuringKara: two-dimensional Turing machines

TuringKara - two-dimensional Turing machines

TuringKara lets you solve many interesting Turing machine problems. It uses a two-dimensional 'sheet' as its external memory rather than the usual one-dimensional tape. This greatly simplifies your Turing machines for many problems, compared to Turing machines working on the standard tape.

Program: allkara-en.jar [2004/03/26, 5'000 KB]
User's manual: turingkara_manual-en.pdf

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Who does TuringKara target?

TuringKara is for pupils and students who want to experiment with the computational model of Turing machines. A broad range of problems - from inverting a bit string to adding binary numbers up to the Universal Turing Machine - makes TuringKara suitable at different levels of study. Experience with Kara facilitates the use of TuringKara.

Learning Objectives of TuringKara

Turing machines are a universal model of computation and play a central role in the theory of computation. TuringKara illustrates typical problems such as basic arithmetic operations and pattern matching.