Discussion Topics

Death Penalty



  • Witness to an Execution
    • You listen to the voices of the men and women who have participated in or witnessed executions. (RealPlayer 28.8 | 56 | ISDN 22:07) NPR All Things Considered, October 12, 2000.
    • Read the transcript
  • Death Row Diaries with transcripts


  • American Justice - Fatal Flaws. How men are put to death wrongly and how access to DNA evidence can help. part 1 (12:28), part 2 (10:03).
  • Interview with Clifford Boggess in which he describes who he was and why he did what he did. Clifford Boggess, self-confessed double murderer, was executed by lethal injection in Texas in June 1998 after spending almost ten years on death row. PBS; 1999