Radio and TV Stations


The navigation on the left side allows you to look for radio and TV stations listed by topics (recommended) or countries. Under topics you also find programs of stations not listed under countries.

The stations listed carry programs that can be used in the classroom. Special features connected to authors and books on the reading list are listed on Special Literature Programs on Online Radio and TV.

Locate more radio or TV stations:
   Radio Locator
   TVRadio World
   Radiotime (lets you choose by topics)

To watch more television channels online use e.g.:
   OnTheBox (e.g. teachernet) (click at the top under GENRE on Education)

To record a program online go to :
    Save TV (German TV stations)
   Onlinetvrecorder (German and US TV stations)
    TiVo (US TV stations) needs special equipment.

If you know of other stations or programs, send an email to SwissEduc.