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ABC Radio National


  • Sydney, AU
    ABC is Australia's only national, non-commercial broadcaster.
  • Interesting features (Convert Sydney time)
      Book Reading Mondays to Fridays 2pm, repeated 11pm Classic and contemporary fiction.
      Short Story Sundays 8.30am and 3.35pm Classic and contemporary short fiction.
      The Book Show Weekdays 10am, repeated midnight and Sunday 7pm Discussions of everything relating to the written word.
      First Person Weekdays 10:45 am - part of The Book Show Current and classic personal narratives - including memoirs, travel writing, diaries and letters.
      Airplay Sundays 3pm, repeated Fridays 9pm Experiments with form and exploration of a wide range of subjects, genres and styles, aiming to offer programs which are innovative and engaging. It involves collaboration with both established and emerging writers, performers and composers.
      PoeticA Saturdays 3pm, repeated Thursdays 3pm Contemporary Australian and overseas work as well as drawing on ancient sources and from bi-lingual programs, live readings, studio-based poetry features and on-location recordings.