Reading List

The following alphabetical list of authors contains some of their books which can be read with upper secondary level classes.

List of E-Book Readers.       : suited for class reading

MacLaverty, Bernard Lamb 1980 novel ~150p
    Cal 1983 novel ~150p
Mason, Bobbie Ann   In Country 1985 novel ~240p
Maugham, W. Somerset   The Moon and Sixpence 1919 novel ~210p
McCabe, Patrick   Butcher Boy 1992 novel ~210p
McCracken, Elizabeth   The Giant's House 1996 novel ~290p
McCullers, Carson The Ballad of the Sad Cafe 1951 novella ~90p
McDonell, Nick   Twelve 2002 novel ~240p
Miller, Arthur   All My Sons 1947 play ~80p
  Death of a Salesman 1949 play ~110p
  The Crucible 1953 play ~120p
Moore, Brian   Lies of Silence 1990 novel ~210p
Moore, Marianne       poems  
Morrison, Toni The Bluest Eye 1970 novel ~170p
  Sula 1980 novel ~170p
    Tar Baby 1981 novel ~300p
    Beloved 1992 novel ~270p
Neufeld, John Edgar Allan 1968 novel ~120p
Ng, Celeste Everything i Never Told You 2014 novel ~290p
Nicholls, David Starter for Ten - aka A Question of Attraction 2003 novel ~370p
    The Understudy 2005 novel ~340p
    One Day 2009 novel ~430p
Niffenegger, Audrey   The Time Traveler's Wife 2003 novel ~530p
O'Neill, Eugene   Ah Wilderness! 1935 play ~90p
  Long Day's Journey into Night 1956 play ~150p