Miller, Arthur: 1915-2005

Opera - The Crucible, 1961, by Robert Ward


  • Composer: Robert Ward
  • Libretto by Bernard Stambler.
    It premiered on October 26, 1961 at the New York City Opera and won both the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Music and the New York Music Critics Circle Citation.



  • Robert Ward talks about the beginning of composing the opera (with "he" Robert Ward refers to Bernard Stambler who wrote the libretto); includes the beginning of act 1. MPR; 2003 (Real 5:53)


  • Baritone Daniel Klein sings "If she be innocent", from the end of act two. (4:26)
  • Bassbaritone Daniel Klein and Soprano Elizabeth Pacheco sing the duet "John I knew you'd come back to me" from the third act. (5:59)
  • Bassbaritone Daniel Klein and Soprano Shamash sing the duet "What word of the children" from Act 4. (2:23)
  • Baritone Daniel Klein sings "Mr. Danforth, I want my life" with Mezzo Elizabeth Shamash. (6:40)