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Special Literature Programs on Online Radio and TV

Topic Program Station Date/Time
Austen, Jane   Classic Serial
Pride and Prejudice
Dramatised by Charlotte Jones
3 Episodes
  BBC Radio 4
London, UK
  March 4-7, 15
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Danticat, Edwige   Writers & Company
Her latest, Claire of the Sea Light, is set in a Haitian fishing village before the earthquake.​​
  CBC Radio One
Ottawa, ON
  March 22, 14
3:00 p.m.
March 24, 15
3 p.m.
New York Time
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Doyle, Roddy   Bullfighting
from his 2011 short story collection
read by Conor Mullen
5 Episodes
  BBC Radio 4 Extra
London, UK
February 13 - March 8, 15
11:45-noon | 19:45-20:00
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Heaney, Seamus   Book of the Week
10 Episodes
  BBC Radio 4
London, UK
  March 2 - 12, 14
14:30-14:45 | 00:30-00:45
London Time
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Shakespeare, William   Poetry Please
Roger McGough presents a selection of Shakespeare's sonnets read in new and archive recordings by some favourite Poetry Please actors.​​
  BBC Radio 4
London, UK
  March 8, 14
16:30 to 17:00
London Time
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