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Alberto Venzago, a Swiss journalist, took a trip through Africa; after his motorcycle broke down in a remote village in Benin he writes:
"... A fat man kindly offered to help. We found out later that he is one of the most powerful voodoo priests in Africa.
He wanted to tell our fortunes. For a price, of course.
But Ursula wasn't falling for it and insisted he tell her something about her past, before putting her hand in her wallet. The man threw his sticks, bones and shells on the sandy earthen floor of the temple, but he soon became confused and stopped. He couldn't understand it, he said. Sometimes he saw two children, and then he only saw one, but they appeared to be the same, somehow. Ursula went very quiet, then suddenly burst into tears, explaining that she had had a twin sister, who had died at the age of four.
We were impressed..."
from Venzago: Journal entry, Wednesday. November 8, 1988
Alberto Venzago talks about his encounter with voodoo in Benin, West Africa; SwissEduc Talk, host: Hans G. Fischer, March 4, 2004
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Mounted by the Gods, 2001, a movie about voodoo, directed by Alberto Venzago.
In 1988, Alberto Venzago set out to cross Africa on a Vespa, a small motorcycle. After miles in the blistering heat, it broke down in a remote village in Benin. There he encountered Mahounon, one of the most influential voodoo priests of West Africa. Abandoning his planned trip, Venzago set out instead on an odyssey through the world of African voodoo, to which he and his camera gained extraordinary access. The result is this groundbreaking new documentary and the accompanying book.
Read Alberto Venzago's diary.
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