Recession of Vadret da Morteratsch and Vadret Pers




Historical postcard from about 1900 (??) and photo from 2012 showing Piz Bernina (upper left), Piz Morteratsch (far right) and Vadret da Mortertasch. In the old photo glaciers are near their maximum extent during the Little Ice Age. Since then the surface of Vadret da Morteratsch has subsided considerably. The small mountain glaciers descending from Piz Mortaratsch have decreased massively in length and volume. The tongue of Vadret da la Fortezza is visible in the lower left of the old photo, but has nearly disappeared by 2012. A small lake dammed by lateral moraines at the bottom of the images has also decreased in size.

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Vadret da Morteratsch from the summit of Munt Pers