Teaching and learning

ScülerInnen Volcanoes in school, a teaching unit in German only
Constructing a 3D-Model of Stromboli island
(Cristina Bonafini, Oberstufe Laupen, Laupen BE)
In German only.

Noale (VE)

Attraverso i Colli Euganei ... sulle tracce dei fenomeni vulcanici paleogenici di 40 milioni di anni fa (external link)
A class of Scuola Media "G. Pascoli", Noale (Venezia), with Prof. Valeria Perin.. Class photo.

Event Applet

Visualization of seismo-volcanic events with a Java Applet
Alberto Murgia, Università di Udine

Noale (VE)

L'Etna nei miti classici (external link)
Etna in classical mythology; Prof. Valeria Perin strikes back, with photographic contributions of Marco Fulle. Only available in Italian.