Ideas about Reading Literature with a Class



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    Simular Discussion. C-SPAN; October 12, 2004
  • In Search of the Novel, shows creative strategies for bringing novels to life for middle and high school students including Ernest Gaines, Chinua Achebe, Harper Lee, and Toni Morrison. A 10 part workshop you can watch online or order from Annenberg. Produced by Educational Film Center. 2000
  • Literary Visions, literary analysis for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. A 24 part feature from Annenberg. Produced by Intelecom and Maryland Public Television. 1992.
  • Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School, an exploration of the richness of multicultural literature shown through four pedagogical approaches to teaching it: reader response, inquiry, cultural studies, and critical pedagogy. An 8 part feature you can watch online or order from Annenberg. Produced by Thirteen/WNET.2003