Lee, Harper: 1926 - 2016

Information by Harper Lee


  • Phone message from Harper Lee to Mrs. Underwood's reading class at Fergus Falls MN, Middle School, thanking for an invitation. MPR; December 31, 2001 (Real 0:59)
    "Hi, this is Harper Lee speaking. I'm calling Mrs. Underwood's reading class. I've tried for two days and I can't seem to get anybody. I was calling in response to a very kind letter, including a brochure about ... some reading of Mockingbird in ... January ... I suppose. And I'm delighted to receive this information and the brochure and the letter. And I wish you all very very good luck with all your endeavors. I wouldn't be able ... I was given an invitation to be with you, but of course my age and my infirmity forbid me from traveling too much. But thank you so very much all of you... bye bye."
    Since apparently no one knew the letter with the invitation was sent, the message could be genuine.


  • Harper Lee accepts an award from the Birmingham Pledge Foundation