Etna 2000

Etna 3. November 2000
Stunning photos from an expedition to Bocca Nuova by Marco Fulle and 2 aerials by Jürg Alean [more]
Etna 24. June 2000
Photos of the SEC-Paroxysm of 24. June 2000 by Marco Fulle [more]
Etna May-June 2000
Video clips of South East Crater paroxysms recorded by Charles Rivière [more]
Etna May-June 2000
Photos of steam rings and the great SEC-Paroxysm of 1. June by Marco Fulle [more]
Etna May 2000
Video clips of steam rings and other strange ;-) phenomena by Roberto Carniel [more]
Etna 21.-25. February 2000
Widescreen video clips of ice, lava, russians and ... more steam rings by Roberto Carniel [more]
Etna 15.-20. February 2000
Stunning photos of paroxysmal activity by Marco Fulle[more]
Etna 23.-25. February 2000
Photos and 3 video clips of ice, snow and steam rings by Jürg Alean and Marco Fulle [more]
Etna 15. February 2000
Dramatic video clips by David Bryant [more]