Etna 2002

South Vent
The South Vent of the October-November 2002 flank eruption: The most explosively active vent, born at the center of a chain of four new vents at 2700 m.a.s.l., just east of Monte Frumento Supino. [more]
North Fissure
Activity of the 3000m long North fissure and lava flows which buried Piano Provenzana and the pine forest of Linguaglossa. October-November 2002 flank eruption. [more]
Ash and People
Due to the high explosivity, all of Sicily surrounding Etna was covered by thick layers of ash, causing a lot of discomfort for people around the mountain. [more]
Photos 50 days later
Fifty days into the lateral eruption lava flows cause massive damage to buildings and roads near Rifugio Sapienza while strombolian activity still continues. [more]
Videos 50 days later
During the destruction of buildings a phreatic explosion is caused by water trapped in a tank under a lava flow. Watch the lava flow, strombolian eruptions and a steam ring. [more]
Maps and Satellite View
Orientation: left sketch map (drawn and compiled by Boris Behncke); right QuickBird satellite image 31.10.2002, reduced size (Digitalglobe). [more]