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Jürg Alean, Roberto Carniel and Marco Fulle [www.stromboli.net]

Stromboli: Summit Craters
Stromboli summit eruption photos [more].
There are also 3D-images
Visit Europes tallest active volcano [more]
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Bardarbunga Eruption [more], Etna Paroxysm [more], Volcano UFO [more]
Stromboli: Lava Flows
Flows 2002-2007 [more]. Unusual Eruptions [more].
Virtually climb Volcanoes
Virtual walks [more]: Etna, Stromboli and many others
Our Expeditions
Expeditions to volcanoes of the world [more]
Stromboli: Videoclips
Stromboli, Etna and other volcanoes in action!
Interactive panoramas
Look all around yourself on great volcanoes! [more]
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Study trips to volcanoes in all the world [more]
Bomb flight simulation
Launch bombs and watch them fly! [more]
Impact Structure
Nördlinger Ries Impact Structure [more]
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Illustrated dictionary of volcanological terms [more]
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