Unusual eruptions

Here we present unusual eruptions of Stromboli. There are also reports about accidents, some of which were caused by these eruptions. You can select the eruptions from the line of links (years) above.

What is «normal»?

What is «unusual»?

Stromboli is best known for its normal, «strombolian» eruptions which normally occur several times per hour from one or more of the vents schematically marked red in the the map below. Occasionally, and unfortunately without any reliable precursors, much bigger eruptions can occur a few times per year.
Scoria and bombs usually fall within the area marked in light orange. People who watch the activity from Pizzo or from the path leading up from the north towards are then well outside the area of bomb impacts. In the past few years such «unusual» explosions ejected many bombs at sufficient speed to impact within the area marked in light orange above. The affected area has no clear outer margin. Occasionally bombs may travel even further (in 1930 even the villages on the island were affected).