Accidents on Stromboli volcano


Our reports on accidents on Stromboli are presented here not out of sensationalism but because we would like to make visitors aware of potential dangers due to unexpected and large eruptions, weather hazards or poor equipment.
Tsunami 30.12.2002: Tourist injured
Explosion of 20.10.2001: lethal accident
Tourist jumped into the crater to commit suicide on 2.11.2000
Explosion of 26.8.1999: Several people injured
Accident without an eruption on 31.10.1997: one person killed
Accident during normal eruption 22. August 1996: one person severely injured
Explosion of 1.6.1996: several people injured at a great distance from the craters
Explosion of 16.10.1993: one person severely injured on Pizzo
Accident caused by "normal" eruption on 24.7.1986
Accident caused by "normal" eruption in 1970