Stromboli photos

Spring 2012
Strong activity [more]
November 2010
Strong activity [more]
May-June 2010
Low activity [more]
May 2009
Very strong activity [more]
September 2008
Strong activity continues [more]
June 2008
Strong activity [more]
November 2007
Summit activity resumes [more]
November 2006
Sunset and Full Moon from Pizzo [more]
August 2006
Aerial photos from a helicopter [more]
May 2006
Strong activity continues [more]
October 2005
Moon passing behind the eruptions [more]
October 2005
Very strong activity seen from Pizzo [more]
November 2004
Weak activity; late autumn on Stromboli [more]
September 2003
źNormal╗ eruptive activity resumes [more]
April to June 2002
Variable eruptive activity and many planets [more]
October 2000
Variable activity and some strong Scirocco [more]
May 2000
Moderate activity [more]
October 1998
Spattering at Crater 1 and great thunderstorm [more]
October 1997
Quite strong activity after a quiet period [more]
Photo tech notes
How to take good eruption photographs [more]
April 1996
Unusually strong activity... and a smoke ring [more]
Until 1993
Some Stromboli classics...The very first photos on SOL [more]