Stromboli photos

5. and 7. October 1997

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Practically silent ash eruption from crater 3. In the evenings almost no glowing lava was seen during such eruptions.

Contrary to crater 3 eruptions from crater 1 produced little ash but lots of glowing lava.

The «expedition team October 1997»: Sepp Spirig, Kathrin Meier, Jost Rinderknecht (Jürg Alean behind the camera). Bottom right: Stromboli LiveCam.

Many eruptions from crater 1 emerged from two vents. Usually the eruptions began from the right but then migrated towards the left one.

Telephoto picture of crater 1 towards the end of evening twilight.

Small but neat eruption from crater 1 (telephoto).

Afterwards glowing scoria lie on the crater rim and weak continuous scoria ejection continues.

A powerful fumarole on the edge of crater 1 is clearly seen against the bright eruption.

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