Geology of Stromboli

Geological evolution of Stromboli

Stromboli may, to a casual observer, appear as little more than a simple volcanic cone. However, its geological history is more varied and interesting than a fist impression may lead to believe. On the next pages we are going to tell you a brief history of how Stromboli developped into its present shape. At the end you have the option to view the island from various angles and see parts of widely different geological ages.

Our prime source of information was the beautiful map by Jörg Keller et. al («Geological Map of the Island of Stromboli», 1:10'000 - small sections reproduced above and below) and on the complementary publication by I. Hornig-Kjarsgaard (1993): «Geology, stratigraphy and volcanological evolution of the island of Stromboli, Aeolian arc, Italy» in Acta Vulcanologica, Vol. 3-1993: 21-68.

Graphics used on the next pages were developped by Christian Balderer and Daniel Meier at the Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland (external link), Bülach, Switzerland during a special course in introductory volcanology. Numbered «units» refer to the numbering system used in the map by Keller, J. et al. (1993) and colours were chosen to resemble the ones in the same map.

Start of the brief history of Stromboli's geology