Images shown on the glossary pages usually are links to larger photos. There are two index pages through which the terms can be accessed, one in alphabetical order, and a thematic list grouped according to topical categories. As some terms are hard to categorize, only the alphabetic list is complete.


This photoglossary is a joint project by the USGS Volcanic Hazards Program and STROMBOLI ON-LINE. Many of the texts were first presented on the photoglossary by USGS. They were generally shortened slightly. Illustrations were chosen, if possible, from STROMBOLI ON-LINE's resources.


When equally suitable photos were available, priorities regarding the volcanos used to illustrate the phenomena is usually as follows:

1.) Stromboli
2.) Etna
3.) other volcanos.


This glossary is an on-going project. More terms may be entered, in particular, if a good photo is available to illustrate the phenomen or object (and if we find the time to do it...). Your suggestions are welcome.