Volcano Livecams

Archived images from the Stromboli Livecam 2003-2006

When you watch Stromboli using the Stromboli INGV Live Cam all sorts of things may happen. The selection below may give you a taste of what is possible. The captions are somewhat less scientifically serious than is usually the case on Stromboli on-line. Please bear with us ;-)

January 2006

Big eruptions from many vents recorded by infrared camera on Pizzo.

May 2004

Eruptions "reach out" for the full moon (camera at 400m.a.s.l.). In the two images at the bottom, taken the evening before, the moon is much less bright and is not round because the livecam caught the end of a total lunar eclipse, however only during the moon's egress from the Earth's shadow (4. and 5. May 2004).

March 2004

Timelapse movie: Ash eruptions from NE- and SW crater in the evening and in the morning (18.3.2004 from 17h00 till 17h50 GMT and on 19.3.2004 from 04h25 till 05h57 2.6M)
Timelapse movie: Many ash eruptions from NE- and SW crater (camera at 400m.a.s.l.; 15.3.2004, 15h24-17h39 GMT, 1.3M)
High, higher, highest... (4.3.2004; comparison of eruptions in the night and during twilight; the white colour of the eruptions is an artifact of the video camera)
Long timelapse movie: A night on Stromboli From 3.3.2004, 16h12 GMT till 4.3.2004, 06h00 GMT; gap from 00h11 till 01h02 because of fog. You see all images of the 30 second sequence during this night of extremely strong eruptive activity at all craters. Images of the large eruptions were entered into the film twice in order to make them better visible in the time laapse sequence. Filesize: 5.1M.

February 2004

Many eruptions from all craters (24.-25.2.2004)
Timelapse movie: Eruptions, a ship, Stromboli shadow, a passing bird (24.2.2004; 1.0M)
Timelapse movie with moon: Moon sets behind erupting craters (1.2.2004; 1.6M)
Many eruptions from all craters (13.-24.2.2004)
Wonderful Stromboli shadow at sunrise
Early bird

November 2003 - January 2004

After the unusual eruptions of 2002/03 had destroyed the livecam on Pizzo, INGV installed two new ones during 2003, one of the two once more on Pizzo, the other at an altitude of 400m.a.s.l. The following pictures illustrate the strong activiy in winter 2003/04. The livecam images were processed to increase contrast. At night the cameras change into a mode which makes the eruptions appear grey and white instead of red.

Timelapse movie with moon: Good morning Stromboli! 350KB-QuickTime-movie (16.1.2004)
Extremely high eruption from NE crater, very bright glow at central crater (8.1.2004)
Nice glow above NE crater (7.1.2004)
Seemingly blue moon (false colours!) and NE crater eruption (2.1.2004)
Christmas eruption at SW craters (ash cloud) and Stromboli shadow (25.12.2003)
Eruption of NE craters taken by 400m camera (15.12.2003)
Strong eruption from SW crater at night (19.11.2003)
Modest eruption from SW crater at dawn (18.11.2003)