About this photo glossary

The idea of compiling this illustrated glossary of glaciological terms derives from our book «Glaciers» (Cambridge University Press, 2004). The glossary at the end of the book was the starting point for this online, illustrated version, to which a German translation was added. The glossary is in non-technical language, and particularly suitable for the ‘educated layperson’, or the school or early university student.

The definitions of terms given in the printed version have sometimes been expanded. Each term is illustrated by what we consider to be a good example of that particular feature. A caption below each photograph explains where, and sometimes in what year, the photograph was taken.

Definitions are given for glaciers and landforms generated or modified by glaciers. Periglacial phenomena (with the exception of "rock glacier"), sea ice and snow are not, or only marginally, covered. Some abstract terms which are hard to illustrate with a photograph are also missing, such as "interglacial period" or “stress”.