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Jürg Alean (left) was formerly a teacher of Geography at the Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland in Bülach, Switzerland.

He has undertaken fieldwork in the Swiss Alps, the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, and South America. His research has led to various scientific papers, in particular about dangerous glaciers and ice avalanches. He has also published many popular scientific articles and several books, e.g. “Gletscher der Alpen” (2010) and “Gletscher der Welt” (2013), Haupt Verlag, Bern, Switzerland.

His interests also include Volcanology, and he is member of the team running Stromboli online, also on SwissEduc.

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Mike and Jürg's book "Glaciers" (first edition) earned the Earth Science Publishers (USA) Outstanding Publication Award in 1995.

Michael Hambrey (right) is Professor of Glaciology and former Director of the Centre for Glaciology in the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. He was Founding Director of the Climate Change Consortium of Wales. Mike's research interests embrace glacial geology and the structural glaciology of valley glaciers. He has published about 200 scientific papers and several books, including a university-level textbook, “Glacial Environments” (1994), as well as popular books on “Glaciers” (2nd edn. 2004) and “Gletscher der Welt” (2013) with Jürg Alean, and “Islands of the Arctic” with Julian Dowdeswell (2002).

Mike has undertaken glaciological fieldwork in Norway, New Zealand, the Swiss Alps, the Andes, the Himalaya, the Canadian Arctic, Yukon, Alaska, Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica. For his work in the polar regions he has been awarded the “Polar Medal” twice by Her Majesty the Queen (1989 &2012) and has been honoured with the naming of “Hambrey Cliffs” on James Ross Island, Antarctica. He has served on a number of UK national and international committees dealing with glacial and polar issues. He acknowledges the support of several funding agencies for his glaciological research, notably the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

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