The Big Melt

Recession, formation of a glacial lake [more]
Recession, formation of a small glacial lake [more]
Grosser Aletschgletscher
Surface lowering [more]
Morteratsch, Vadret da
Recession of tongue and surface lowering [more]
Morteratsch, Vadret da
Vegetation growth in proglacial area [more]
Morteratsch, Vadret da
Loss of ice cover at high altitudes [more]
Comparison with very old photos [more]
Massive recession [more]
Recession generates new glacial lakes [more]
Recession of tongue from dammed lake [more]
Cambrena, Vadret da
Disappearance of ice apron leads to rockfalls [more]
Unterer Grindelwaldgl.
Recession causes landslides [more]

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