Glaciar de Aneto
Glaciar de Alba
Glaciar de Barrancs
Glaciar de la Brecha de Roland
Glaciar de Coronas
Glaciar de Gabietous
Glaciar de Llardana
Glaciar de Maladeta
Glaciar de Ossue
Glaciar de M. Perdido
Glaciar del Portillon de O˘
Glaciar de Posets
Gl. del Pico de Salenques
Glaciar de Seil
Gl. de Tempestades
This photo set was provided by Jordi Camins Just, GELICEHIELO, Jordi Camins is a mountaineer, skier and regular observer of glaciological phenomena in the Pyrenees and other mountain ranges all over the world. He collaborates with collaborations with the Boletin Glaciolˇgico AragonÚs.

In 1984 the Pyrenees mountains still had 41 glaciers with a total surface area of 8.10 square kilometers. Recession is rapid, and only very small remnant glaciers, mostly in northern or northeasten orientation, remain. These photo comparisons document the rapid disappearance of ice in the Pyrenees.