Reading List

The following alphabetical list of authors contains some of their books which can be read with upper secondary level classes

List of E-Book Readers.       : suited for class reading

D'Aguiar, Fred   Feeding the Ghosts 1997 novel ~130p
Danticat, Edwidge   Breath, Eyes, Memory 1994 novel ~230p
Draper, Sharon Copper Sun 2006 novel ~300p
Dunne, Catherine The Things We Know Now 2013 novel ~340p
Ellis, Bret Easton   Less Than Zero 1985 novel ~200p
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby 1925 novel ~190p
Foer, Jonathan Safran   Everything is Illuminated 2002 novel ~110p
Forster, E. M.   A Room with a View 1908 novel ~230p
    Howards End 1910 novel ~350p
    A Passage to India 1924 novel ~280p
Frost, Robert       poems