Reading List

The following alphabetical list of authors contains some of their books which can be read with upper secondary level classes.        List of E-Book Readers.
  especially suited for class reading     ~ number
of pages
D'Aguiar, Fred   Feeding the Ghosts 1997 novel 130
Danticat, Edwidge   Breath, Eyes, Memory 1994 novel 230
Draper, Sharon Copper Sun 2006 novel 300
Dunne, Catherine The Things We Know Now 2013 novel 340
Ellis, Bret Easton   Less Than Zero 1985 novel 200
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby 1925 novel 190
Foer, Jonathan Safran   Everything is Illuminated 2002 novel 110
Forster, E. M.   A Room with a View 1908 novel 230
    Howards End 1910 novel 350
    A Passage to India 1924 novel 280
Frost, Robert       poems