Reading List

The following alphabetical list of authors contains some of their books which can be read with upper secondary level classes.

List of E-Book Readers.       : suited for class reading

Patchett, Ann   Bel Canto 2001 novel ~300p
Paton, Alan Cry, the Beloved Country 1948 novel ~250p
Pierre, DBC Vernon God Little 2003 novel ~270p
    Ludmila's Broken English 2006 novel ~320p
Plath, Sylvia   The Bell Jar 1971 novel ~250p
Porter, Katherine Anne The Jilting of Granny Weatherall 1930 short story ~15p
Prejean, Helen   Dead Man Walking 1993 documentary ~350p
Priestly, J.B. An Inspector Calls 1947 play ~70p
Proulx, Annie   The Shipping News 1994 novel ~330

    Brokeback Mountain 1998 short story ~35p
Rankin, Ian   The Naming of the Dead 2006 detective novel ~500p
Rhue, Morton   The Wave 1988 novel ~140p
Russell, Willy   Educating Rita 1980 play ~100p