Morteratsch repeat photos

Ice retreat at high and low altitudes

Photos taken many years apart from the same location reveal that Vadret da Morteratsch has not only receded, but that it has thinned considerably at all levels of altitude. Changes have accelerated as is shown in the two photo pairs of Piz Palü. The thumbnails below or the menu on the left lead to the respective pages.

Piz Bernina 1978-2003

Bernina summit 1978-2003

Morteratsch icefall 1977-2003

Vadret Pers icefall 1972-2003
Lower Morteratsch 1977-2003

Morteratsch tongue 1985-2002

Piz Palü 1978-2003
Piz Palü 1998-2003

Vadret Palü 1972-2003

Vadret dal Corvatsch 1978-2003 How it was done